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Business email, TeamChat for project teamwork, real-time office document collaboration and online meetings

Increase your Productivity and Reduce Costs

Increase your productivity, and overall employee satisfaction as well as helping you to reduce travelling  and communication costs. You will also benefit from faster access to knowledge and improved flexibility of your organisation.

Unified Email & Collaboration Hub

Business email, calendars, chats, storage and documents.
The only solution integrated and working together on one screen.


Email is where all business starts.

Your inbox becomes a space for TeamChat communication and online meetings as well as room to create, share and edit documents. Notes and tasks, calendars and chats are there too. Secure cloud solution is accessible anywhere you are and thanks to real-time operation is suitable for remote work.

Administer & customize

Manage your domains and user accounts using multi-tenant architecture. Configure DKIM to avoid email spoofing and enhance security. Set up DNS records with the relevant DRF file or use white labelling options.

Advanced security

Signature-based Kaspersky AntiVirus, online CYREN AntiSpam, and IceWarp Authenticator for two-factor authentication. Multi-layered security meets the world's most stringent industry standards and legislation.

Outlook compatibility

Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks as well as Notes including color categories and HTML content seamlessly sync with Outlook.

Smart multitasking

Compose multiple emails while chatting with a coworker, reviewing a document or searching through TeamChat rooms. All of this during a conference call.

Smart planning

Know immediately if you can accept a proposed meeting. Interactive invite dialog shows an overview of your schedule around the indicated time.

Smart attachments

SmartAttach uploades large files such as videos or presentations to our cloud and automatically includes a link in the email body. So your file is delivered fast and doesn't clog your recipient's mailbox.

Smart delayed send

Sometimes you remember to add an attachment right after hitting the Send button. It has happened to all of us. With delayed send, you get five extra seconds for when you change your mind.

Team Chat

Bring your team together in a single space where they can discuss feedback, solve problems, collaborate through better group communication.


TeamChat, beyond email communication.

Chat in teams organized around projects, upload files, mention coworkers, comment on posted emails, pin important posts. Integration with email enables sharing received messages directly to TeamChat room for colleagues‘ attention.

Email and TeamChat connected

Sounds basic, works like magic. Share drafts and incoming emails in TeamChat rooms. Compose new ones with the help of your colleagues. When you’re done, you can easily send the email right from the chat room.

Comments, Pins & Mentions

Easily discover what is important in a room. Comment for clearer navigation through chat. Pin to highlight important posts. Mention to draw the attention of a colleague who gets immediate notification.

TeamChat Mobile app

All you need is a mobile phone to follow your team's progress from anywhere. Immediately respond to new posts, comment or share files thanks to TeamChat mobile app.

Free access for all

Invite non-IceWarp clients and contractors to TeamChat. Our guest accounts are free and unlike other services don’t require registration. Shared documents are readable and editable for external users as well.


Video and audio meetings for dozens of participants including screen sharing, call recording and advance scheduling. Integrated with TeamChat and with one-click access.


Conferences, meet face-to-face.

Secure conferencing that runs in the browser, without installing anything. Conferences support up to 70 participants. Handy gadgets like screensharing, real-time chat or moderator are included.

Password protection

Make your calls private from unwelcome attendees. Organizer can secure the call with a password that only they know and can share.

Free access for all

Every IceWarp user can start a conference and invite their colleagues or non-IceWarp users. Invitees can join for free with no registration needed.

High security mode

End-to-end encryption and password protection make joining your conference impossible for unauthorized attendees. High security mode prevents recording and will be available this fall.

Recording & Stats

Record your meetings to the cloud and share the video with colleagues who missed it. Check the call stats once you end the meeting to see how much time you spent talking. Recording feature will be available this fall.

Create & collaborate on Office documents.

Create and edit documents in Office formats and collaborate with your team in real-time. Open email attachments, edit and instantly send it back to the sender. Desktop Office suite is also available.


Documents. All your productivity needs covered.

Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. Comprehensive office suite for your team to get their job done remotely or while sitting at the same desk. Collaborative editing, history overview, changes tracking and in-document TeamChat stream included.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint

WebDocuments seamlessly work with native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats. Advanced features like pivot tables, macros & controls also supported.

Collaborative editing

Work on documents with your colleagues in real-time as if they were sitting at the same desk. Swift discussion over edits can be carried out in a chat panel right in the edited document.

Share without limits

Click the Share button, select sharing options and you’re good to go. We guarantee all recipients can read or edit documents as if they were your internal company users.

Review mode

Track history of changes as well as ongoing changes in documents. Switch between views to see original and edited versions. Accept or reject changes and share the reviewed file for a final sign off.

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